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★ Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed for code documentation. The tool automatically generates comprehensive and accurate documentation from source code files with just one click.

It covers all popular programming languages, making it suitable for diverse projects and teams. The generated documentations can be exported in Markdown format.

The tool is available in two pricing plans, professional and agency, giving users flexibility according to their needs. The features included in both plans include automatic documentation generation, multi-language support, markdown export, unlimited history generations, and a trial period of five days.

Users who subscribe to the agency plan also have access to features such as documentation export options and priority support. The documentation provides an overview of the tailwind.config.js file, which is used to configure the Tailwind CSS framework for user projects.

Users can extend the default theme configurations, override or extend the default styling options, customize the colors available in the Tailwind CSS framework, and include additional plugins. aims to improve collaboration, maintainability, and software quality, with its seamless and time-saving solution for code documentation.

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