AI photo sorter

AI photo sorter
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The AI photo sorter is a web application that provides a user-friendly and secure solution for organizing photo collections. It utilizes the power of neural networks to create custom classes, sort photos and eliminate duplicate files.

The application guarantees the privacy of its users by processing images locally on their computers, rather than uploading them to a server. The AI photo sorter operates by allowing users to set the power of the AI and initialize it, controlling how many CPU cores will be used to process images.

Users can load photos by dragging and dropping them into the box or clicking on it. The application allows for the creation of custom classes by scrolling through photos, and users can always refine this list later.

Once the user clicks on the “Process” button, the AI processes the photos and sorts them into classes, while also identifying and grouping duplicates.

Users can then review these results and mark photos for deletion, as well as rename, add or delete classes before re-running the processing. Finally, the AI photo sorter generates a script that can be run on the user’s computer to delete unwanted photos and move the remaining images into appropriate folders.

It is important to note that the script assumes all photos are in the same folder, so users with images in different folders may need to modify the script.

Overall, the AI photo sorter provides a streamlined and user-friendly means of organizing photo collections using advanced AI technology.

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