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BOSCO™ is an AI-powered digital marketing intelligence platform that enables marketers to plan their digital marketing budget more efficiently. The tool provides personalized reporting dashboards by combining internal marketing data with algorithmic modelling.

Marketers can make data-driven decisions on digital marketing spend based on insights easily accessible through the platform’s user-friendly interface.

BOSCO™ does not rely on the user’s marketing budget; instead, it ranks the user’s domain against its closest competitors in the same category using its BOSCO™ Index.

The index is based on data from trusted third-party domains collected from previous digital interactions, measuring how effective the user is with investments in organic and paid media channels.

With the BOSCO™ Index, marketers can see how they stack up against their competitors, identify sales opportunities and improve their online footprint.Moreover, the tool offers forecasting for future digital marketing performance with 96% accuracy.

BOSCO™ predicts how to allocate your online spend across all channels for maximum return on investments. The platform also provides resources that help marketers optimize their digital marketing budgets, such as events and blogs.

The tool requires no coding, consolidates data, and reports at lightning speed. The platform offers expert data and marketing support to help guide marketers through their digital marketing budget optimization.

BOSCO™ is trusted by multiple brands to optimize their digital marketing budgets, making it a reliable tool for marketers who want to forecast their digital marketing performance and allocate their online spend efficiently.

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