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Codeamigo is an interactive coding tutorial tool that uses AI to help users learn how to code. The tool is designed to help current and future developers take advantage of the tools available to them.

The website presents bite-sized tutorials that aim to teach the basics of coding. As the website highlights, almost 50% of code is written by AI, and so it is crucial to learn how to code with AI.

The tutorials are presented in a simple format with the option to move forward or backward between lessons. Codeamigo looks appealing and easy to use for beginners who want to start learning how to code.

The tool offers an HTML-based sandbox environment, Codesandbox, where users can try out what they learn. The code editor is structured, and users can instantly see their code in action as they type it out.

Codeamigo doesn’t provide any automated feedback or scoring system, so the user must determine their progress. The website has a modern design and feels well-organized.

The interface allows users to navigate between sections and lessons easily. Overall, Codeamigo is an approachable tool for those interested in learning to code with AI.

It offers simple and bite-sized lessons to get started, and the HTML-based sandbox environment, Codesandbox, provides a hands-on approach to working through examples.

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