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DecisionMentor is a Multi-Criteria Decision Making application that simplifies complex decisions for individuals in public and private settings. By using AI, the application offers chat-based suggestions for decision problems, making decision-making enjoyable and scientific.

The tool also enables visualization and analysis of an individual’s preferences, helping with decision-making and resource prioritization. The application allows for social sharing, so users can learn from decisions published by others like them.

The users of DecisionMentor have recently made various public decisions, including choosing practical skills and experience as a priority, preferring Nepal for studying over going abroad, and focusing on solving problems on Earth rather than prioritizing space colonization.The app is available on both Apple and Google stores and offers a clean selection method and criteria for judgment, as well as useful visualization of results.

DecisionMentor is highly recommended by its users, who have found it easy to use and praised it for its depth, clean design, and endless uses. DecisionMentor is suitable for both private and public decision-making settings and offers early access to new features through a subscription.

The application is powered by Truenary Solutions and is all rights reserved by DecisionMentor.

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