Ess AI

Ess AI
Pricing type: Freemium
PLATFORM(S): Desktop App
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Essai is an AI-powered no-code platform that lets users create websites simply by describing their desired look or content, saving them time and effort.

The tool creates various design options based on the description, and users can edit the design elements through a conversational UI feature. The platform claims to generate entire website blocks in seconds and provides AI-assisted content and design.

Users can fast-track their landing pages, get feedback, and launch their product to a wider audience. Essai aims to simplify website creation by providing a user-friendly and accessible platform to anyone regardless of their skill level.

The creators have experience in product launches, ML research, UX/UI design, system architecture, and machine learning engineering, and they designed Essai to help entrepreneurs focus on their ideas and vision instead of tedious website-building tasks.

Essai positions itself as the easiest entry point for creating a website in the entire web, and its creators believe it is at the forefront of a new era of AI interfaces that enhance productivity and bring even more brilliant ideas to life.

Essai is available on a waitlist basis and requires users to enable Javascript in their browser. By submitting their information, users agree to have their data stored and receive a response to their inquiry.

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