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Greip is an AI-powered fraud prevention tool that helps developers safeguard their app’s financial security by preventing payment fraud. Greip offers AI-based fraud prevention technology that uses machine learning (ML) modules to validate each transaction in an app and measures the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

The tool also includes IP geolocation info, which helps improve the user experience by adapting website content to visitor location and language. Greip detects and protects against anonymous visitors and ensures that website visitors are not using VPN or proxy services that could be used for fraudulent activities.Other features of Greip include BIN/IIN validation, which fetches and validates customer debit/credit card number full details by providing the first 6 or 8 digits, country API to retrieve complete information about any country in the world, user data validation, and more.

Greip offers different plans to meet the needs of developers, including Free, Standard, Premium, and Pay-as-you-go plans.Greip is trusted by hundreds of businesses worldwide and is one of the projects of GRE DEVELOPMENT LTD, registered in England and Wales.

The tool offers different resources for developers, including documentation and support, and is available as SDKs, packages, and CLI.

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