Plus AI

Plus AI
Pricing type: Free
PLATFORM(S): Browser Extension

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Plus AI is an AI tool that can be integrated into Google Docs and Slides to generate custom content quickly and effortlessly. The tool uses AI to generate a presentation outline based on a short description from the user, which can be adjusted and reviewed as needed.

The slides are then automatically generated, allowing the user to add context and present immediately. Plus AI also features a Plus Snapshot add-on, which enables users to capture snapshots of websites, apps, and dashboards and embed them in their Docs and Slides.

Snapshots can also be refreshed with updated data in just one click. Plus AI can save time for users by automating the generation of presentations and reports, simplifying weekly team meetings, and automating metrics and OKR reporting.

The tool can also be used to create dashboards for team, partners, and clients with no coding required. Plus AI works with various collaboration tools such as Notion, Coda, Confluence, Canva and others, allowing users to share information across different sources.

Plus AI provides intelligent features and capabilities such as searching within the content of screenshots using OCR, going back in time to view all historical versions of a snapshot, setting up automated notifications when something changes, and more.

The tool is free to use and requires access to a user’s Google account to manage documents, presentations and connect to external services.

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