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Showspace is an AI-powered free portfolio website tool designed to help job seekers stand out in the competitive job market by showcasing their skills and accomplishments.

The tool is aimed at beating candidates from FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) and Ivy League schools. The platform uses GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) AI technology that automates the process of creating compelling project showcases by crafting projects in minutes, making it easier to build professional portfolios.

Through the tool, users can easily share their completed projects with hiring managers and HR professionals to increase their chances of securing job offers.Showspace allows users to control who sees their work by offering privacy setting options that enable them to track who views their work.

However, for early access to the platform, individuals have to sign up to be notified when they can start building their free portfolio. Currently, the platform is in beta, and select groups of users are being slowly onboarded.

The tool serves employees and alumni from different backgrounds, and users can choose to sign up with their LinkedIn accounts, making it easier to share their professional accomplishments with potential employers.

Overall, Showspace is a useful AI tool for job seekers looking to showcase their skills and land well-paying jobs in a crowded job market.

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