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★ Generated by ChatGPT

What-A-Prompt is an AI tool designed to optimize prompts and improve the results obtained using ChatGPT. It offers seven different settings or methods to enhance prompts creatively.

The settings include a simple text enricher, an enhancer for text-to-image generators, a prompt Wolfe setting for a “crazy cool” perspective, and others for visual enhancements.

Additionally, the tool offers a Test_RunGPT setting so users can sample their output before submitting it to ChatGPT. What-A-Prompt is quick and easy to use.

Users simply select the desired prompt enhancer method and type in their prompt to generate optimized results. To use What-A-Prompt, visitors must join the Freshly.ai community either as a free or premium member.

This website was launched to showcase the latest AI capabilities and limitations, providing resources and inspiration to the AI community. In addition to What-A-Prompt, the website offers several other AI tools, a prompt museum, and a forum for prompts and AI dreams.

Freshly.ai also provides human and AI contributions, Emusion music tool, and resources for AI competence reporting. The website is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Overall, What-A-Prompt is an AI tool designed to generate creative and enhanced prompts, mainly for use in ChatGPT. With its various settings, it strengthens the visual and contextual aspects of prompts to produce better and more varied ChatGPT results .

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